Retreat Guidelines

  • I honor each woman’s path of tradition, practice, study, and beliefs.


  • I hold sacred, each individual’s present experience, knowing this is the perfect place for that one, at this time, for the perfect lesson to be embraced. I honor and hold sacred each woman and her unique journey of healing and awakening, whether it be the stage of the seed or the blossom, pulling in or coming out.

There is nothing or no one to fix, judge, or even heal, only to allow the Light of Truth to extend which, of ITSELF, heals all things. 

– Donna Marie


  • I know that I need not try to fix anyone, only to be the quiet support as each woman shares from her heart.


  • I will not interrupt anyone but will give my undivided attention as each shares.


  • I will share myself authentically, allowing others plenty of space to share, as well.


  • I am not here to convince anyone of anything, including my beliefs, my guidance, or my experience.


  • Let me remember to share from first person – in other words, to communicate any information, not in a general, factual way, but from my own experience. For instance, “I believe” or “I feel”, rather than “this is the way it is; this is the Truth”.


  • I understand that the chime fairy may, at times, ring her chime to let anyone know they have a couple more minutes to wrap up any sharing.


  • I hold all that is shared, in this group, in sacred confidentiality!


  • I honor myself.


  • I will make a special effort to stay aware of the schedule and to arrive on time for each experience.


  • I am grateful for any gentle reminders.