WOW Food and Fun

Food and Fun is another Wonderful opportunity for the WOW Sisters to Raise some Fun and Funds for the WOW scholarships.

If you choose to host a Food and Fun Event, there are many different ways you can do so.


How It Works

You, or with the help of another WOW Sister, could present:

  • breakfast
  • brunch
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • picnic
  • tea and cookies
  • finger foods

Along with an activity, such as:

  • movie
  • games
  • healing process
  • personal sharing
  • meditation
  • walking
  • drumming/music
  • arts/crafts, etc.

Your event can include as few or as many as you wish, and can be by invitation only or open to segments of the WOW list.  I’m happy to send out your invitation to WOW members in your zip code or state providing them with your contact info and maximum number of guests you will host.  That sounds like FUN!!

Suggested Donation:  $25 (which is about how much you would spend for dinner at a restaurant).

If you are interested, contact Donna Marie Cary/Jones:  –  703-314-3440